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AMMs are yield-earning products that allow lenders to earn profits from trading fees by providing liquidity to an exchange. 

AMMs enable passive capital (i.e. assets that are not being actively deployed into trading and investing) to effortlessly buy and sell assets and earn fees from market volatility.


AMMs in Crypto

Traditionally, market making activity has been limited to the largest financial institutions, such as banks and trading firms.
Crypto kills two birds with one stone by providing the everyday investor with the ability to put their crypto assets to use and earn yield, while also providing much needed liquidity to DEXes (decentralized exchanges). 

On DEXes, investors are able to deploy their assets to a 流动性提供池, which provides the liquidity needed for trades to occur. AMMs are mutually beneficial for both the user and the exchange.



Uniswap and other DeFi exchanges pioneered the concept of retail AMMing, which was a great leap forward for crypto. Just like with any pioneering technology, there is a lot of room for growth in the AMM space.

CoinFLEX has created its own AMM, called AMM+. by taking the concept of AMMs from decentralized spot markets and applying it to the futures markets on a centralized exchange. Due to the benefits of futures, AMM+ allows users to access up to 10x leverage (Capital Boost) and offers a wide range of collateral options.


币飞 AMM+优于Uniswap

How does the AMM+ stack up to the industry-standard Uniswap v3 model?

1) AMM+ is More Capital Efficient: $1 on CoinFLEX Has a Larger Impact

By providing users with access to leverage, users can benefit from greater capital efficiency. 


Because the futures markets are far larger than the spot markets, AMM+ users benefit from higher trading volume than DEX volumes. For reference, the total value locked (TVL) in Uniswap v3 is roughly $6.5B but trades approximately $1B in daily volumes. Comparatively, the CoinFLEX AMM+ has roughly $100M TVL and has traded between $200M to $1B in daily volumes. 




2) Fees

  • AMM+用户从每笔交易中获得0.03%的FLEX回扣
  • 较低的吃单费用(0.04% vs 0.30%),那么AMM交易费用无压力。

3) Multiple collateral types

Users are able to use any asset as collateral when opening a leveraged AMM+ position.


This means, if users have assets earning little to no yield elsewhere, they can put the funds to work in the AMM+ as collateral. For example, if users want to open an ETH/USD position, they can use other assets such as BTC or DOGE as collateral. 



AMM+ was created to democratize market making, enabling a vastly wider user base and capital pool to earn from market volatility.

With the power of this CeFi Orderbook + DeFi AMM hybrid model,  AMM+ works to efficiently allocate capital to markets that require  liquidity.

AMM+ improves the overall liquidity of CoinFLEX markets and is a way for users to use it as a customized tool to earn yield-enhancement opportunities.


How AMM+ is designed to be used

Select the price range where your liquidity will be allocated. 

AMM+ is designed for holders who want to earn passive income on their crypto,  rather than those who seek to earn active income via trades. AMM+ positions are therefore designed to have a broad range, as it will require significantly less time and attention to manage, so you can earn income on your crypto passively.


A narrow range may result in higher fees when the asset is trading within that price range, but the price of a crypto asset is less likely to stay in a narrow range for long, and is therefore more suited for active capital. Remember, you will not earn any yield if the price falls outside of your range.





步骤 1.进入 AMM+ 页面

要开始使用 AMM+,请单击控制面板上的 AMM+ 选项。 


Step 2. Select your expected price direction

By selecting the direction, you are making a decision on where you think the market price is heading – and based on that what your AMM+ will do in best/worst case scenarios. It’s important to remember the ultimate goal is to stay in range because this is when you are earning trading fees and your AMMs are scalping (working for you).

Mainly increasing

You expect the price of the asset in your AMM+ position will increase.


Best Case Scenario to Exit Without a Loss: 

  • 在价格范围内 

  • 赚取一些收益 

  • 最终在价格接近/高于您的范围时平仓,这样您就不会亏本或进一步仓位敞口。 

Less Favorable Scenario Occurs: 

  • 价格越来越接近或超过您价格范围的下限 

  • 你积有一个多头仓位,你并不排斥,因为你的观点通常是看涨的,你愿意耐心等待反弹。

Worst Case Scenario:

  • 价格跌破您的最小范围,似乎有永远不会反弹的迹象,造成您亏损。


Mainly decreasing

You expect the price of the asset in your AMM+ position will decrease.


Best Case Scenario to Exit Without a Loss

  • 在价格范围内 

  • 赚取一些收益

  • 当价格低于您的范围时平仓

Less Favorable Scenario Occurs: 

  • 价格越来越接近或超过您价格范围的上限

  • 你持有一个空头仓位,你并不排斥,因为你的观点通常是看跌的,你愿意耐心等待价格下跌。

Worst Case Scenario:




You expect the price of an asset will fluctuate at a set price range and want to take advantage of stable price action.


Best Case Scenario to minimise losses as much as possible: 

  • 在价格范围内 

  • 赚取一些收益 

  • 尽可能在接近中心点的位置平仓。 

Worst Case Scenario: 价格永远不到中心点


Step 3. Select the trading pair

为您的 AMM+ 仓位选择所需的资产。币飞有广泛的选择!

Users can view the AMM+ Statistics at the top of the page to see which pairs have the highest 24 hour average or 7 day average APR for reference before creating an AMM. The rates are subject to change and are an average across all users. Depending on your range and leverage you may get a different APR than the 24 hour or 7 day average APR

要查找有关 AMM+ 当前统计信息的更多信息,请访问 透明度页面.


Step 4. Choose if you want capital boost

Select capital boost by clicking the toggle on the right. This option is switched on by default.

Capital boost gives you the option to set up an AMM+ position in the perp market, which provides you up to 10x leverage.

If you choose capital boost, select the amount of leverage between 1x to 10x and pick a collateral to deploy from your available balances. For example, if you are choosing the BTC/USD trading pair, you can use any other collateral such as BCH or ETH. 

Be aware that choosing capital boost will put you at risk of liquidation if the prices move opposite to your chosen price expectation.


步骤5. 输入金额

输入您要分配给 AMM+ 仓位的资本金额。您需要输入至少价值200USD的加密资产作为抵押品。

For unleveraged range-bound positions you will need to have a minimum of $200 USD worth of crypto for both assets in the trading pair as collateral.


步骤 6.选择价格范围

This is where you select the range where your liquidity will be allocated. The tightness of the range will determine the size of your returns. 






在继续之前,请确认您在 AMM+ 页面上选择的所有信息都是正确的。确认这一点后,点击"开始AMM+"开始在AMM+上赚取收益!



设置 AMM+ 仓位后,您可以通过切换到 AMM+ Positions 选项卡来管理您的未平仓仓位。要管理您的未平仓仓位,请使用以下步骤:


第 1 步:查看您的仓位详情

The “Open” tab is the default tab, which you can use to manage and review your open positions.


You can click the Balance Breakdown button below your APR to review information such as total account balance, initial balance, current balance, and more. 

You can click the More Details button to view all the information on the trade history of your specific AMM+ position, your borrow and liquidation history, interest payment history, and more.

If you want to add or withdraw collateral, proceed to Step 2.



添加或提现抵押品,点击 添加抵押品 按钮,在赎回按钮的右边。之后会弹出提示框,进行后续操作。


第 3 步:输入信息



步骤4: 点击确定



Once you have set up your AMM+ position, you can redeem your open positions by switching to the AMM+ Positions tab. If you want to learn how to redeem your open positions, use the following steps:


第 1 步:确定您的 AMM+ 仓位

"未平仓"选项卡是默认选项卡,可用于赎回您的未平仓仓位。您可以使用右上角的 ID 识别不同的 AMM+ 仓位。


第 2 步:点击赎回按钮

在您要关闭的特定 AMM+ 仓位的框底部,点击赎回按钮。












点击 AMM+ 仓位页面上的"已关闭"选项栏,然后查看信息。


Step 6: Check your wallet






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