How to Stake on FLEXDAO Tutorial

How to Stake on FLEXDAO Tutorial

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How to Stake Tutorial

Follow this guide to set yourself up to easily stake FLEX in the FLEXDAO.

Step 1.Download a Metamask Wallet here.

Step 2. Add the SmartBCH network & FLEX Coin into your MetaMask wallet.

  1. Click on your MetaMask chrome extension.
  2. Click on the Network dropdown menu at the top, this is likely going to show ‘Ethereum Mainnet’.
  3. Next click on ‘Add Network’ at the bottom of the Network dropdown menu.
  4. Add the following information into the form & click save.

    Network name: SmartBCH
    New RPC URL: 
    Note: The above RPC URL may temporarily not work at times. If that is the case you can also use any of the following RPC URLs, which will act exactly the same. , 
    Chain ID: 10000
    Currency Symbol: BCH
    Block Explorer URL:

  5. Click ‘Save’ and you will then see the ‘SmartBCH’ network in your MetaMask.
  6. Click on the ‘Import tokens’ button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Fill in the ‘Token Contract Address’ with the following: 0x98Dd7eC28FB43b3C4c770AE532417015fa939Dd3
    The ‘Token Symbol’ should then automatically fill in with ‘FLEX’ and the ‘Token Decimal’ should show the number 18.
  8. If the above is correct click ‘Add Custom Token’ & then ‘Import Tokens’ on the following page.

You will now be able to see and receive FLEX in your MetaMask Wallet using SmartBCH. 

Step 3: Send FLEX from your CoinFLEX wallet to your MetaMask Wallet .

  1. Go to your CoinFLEX wallet and click ‘Withdraw’ 
  2. Select ‘FLEX’ from the list of coins
  3. Choose the ‘SEP20’ network 
  4. Enter your MetaMask address into the ‘Destination FLEX Address’ section
  5. Copy your MetaMask address
  6. Enter the amount of FLEX you want to withdraw & click submit 

Step 4: Connect your MetaMask to the FLEXDAO.

  1. Go to
  2. Your MetaMask should automatically connect to the FLEXDAO.
  3. If it doesn’t connect automatically, click on ‘Connect Wallet’.      
  4. Click ‘Approve’ on your MetaMask and you will then be connected. 

Step 5: Choose how much FLEX you want to stake & for how long. 

  1. Choose how long you want to stake for, you can choose anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 years. 
  2. Enter the amount you want to stake. 
  3. For first time users you will need to click approve.    
  4. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask. 
    Note: This will require BCH, which you can send to your MetaMask the same way you sent FLEX. Make sure you use the SEP20 network 
  5. Now you can stake your FLEX by clicking on the ‘stake’ button.
  6. Finally, confirm the transaction on MetaMask & start earning from CoinFLEX’s profits and revenues and vote on important matters impacting CoinFLEX.    

Contract Addresses

FLEX: 0x98Dd7eC28FB43b3C4c770AE532417015fa939Dd3

veFLEX: 0xA9bB3b5334347F9a56bebb3f590E8dF97fC091f9

Daily payout: 0xB226C60886e81920d3d913858678d8C9e71eC17E with start height: 2153287

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