AMM+ Tutorial: Redeeming Your Position

If you want to learn how to redeem your open positions, use the following steps. First however, make sure you are on the AMM+ Positions tab on the AMM+ page.


Step One: Identify your AMM+ Position

The Open tab is the default tab, which you can use to redeem your open positions. You can identify your different AMM+ positions with the ID in the top right corner. 


Step Two: Click the Redemption Button

At the bottom of the box of the specific AMM+ position you want to close, click the redemption button.


Step Three: Choose Your Redemption Method 

To receive the base currency of your trading pair, for example to receive BCH in the BCH/USD trading pair, choose Physical Delivery in the redemption method dropdown menu.

The information will show the current balance and a link to the Add Collateral pop up box to show your estimated redemption balance.

To deliver your position to a sub-account, click Sub-Account Delivery in the redemption method drop down menu. 

The information will show the current balance, position, and borrow USD Position.


Step Four: Redeem

Once you have chosen your redemption method, click Redeem


Step Five: Review Your Closed Position

Click the Closed tab on the AMM+ positions page and review the information.


Step Six: Check Your Crypto

Ensure your crypto assets have been delivered to your wallet by clicking the Balance button in the Wallet & Order dropdown menu and check that your crypto assets have been credited. 

If you have made a physical delivery, this will be deposited in your main account. 

If you choose sub-account delivery, make sure you go to your correct sub-account. Sub-account deliveries may also keep existing positions open on the exchange, so if you don’t want any more positions running make sure you go to the exchange to close any open positions.

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