Updates on Risk Tiers of BTC, ETH and BCH Perpetual Contracts (27th April 2021)

Dear FLEXers,


CoinFLEX will update the risk tiers of BTC, ETH and BCH futures contracts on 8th May, 2021 UTC 12:00 AM with new risk tiers as reflected in the table below. Position value and maintenance margin will be adjusted in each tier. Existing positions opened before the updates will be affected. It is strongly advised to adjust the position and leverage in order to avoid any potential liquidation.


BTC Futures Contracts:


ETH Futures Contracts:


BCH Futures Contracts:

Risk warning: Please actively monitor your account status and evaluate the risk level of your account. It is strongly recommended that users add margin or reduce their positions to avoid liquidation before the account margin balance drops to the maintenance margin level.


Thanks for your support!


CoinFLEX Team

27th April, 2021


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