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System Update (10th May 2021)

May 10, 2021

Dear FLEXers,


We have several updates planned for release on 12th May 2021 UTC 9:00 AM:




New and improved UI with:


  • updated design
  • greater responsiveness  
  • ability to visualize working orders and open positions on the chart 




  • GET /v2/positions – lastUpdated field from type LONG to type STRING
  • GET /v2/positions/{instrumentId} – lastUpdated field from type LONG to type STRING
  • GET /v2/all/markets – name field convention changing according to the following rules:-
    • Spot:BTC/USD (Base/Counter)
    • Swap: BTC/USD Perp (Base/Counter Perp)
    • Futures: BTC/USD W201225, BTC/USD Q201225 (Base/Counter W/Q+YYMMDD)
    • Repo: BTC/USD Repo (Base/Counter Repo)
    • Spread: BTC/USD SPR Q201225 (Base/Counter SPR Q+YYMMDD)
    • Index: BTCRate Mar21 (Base MMMYY), BTCRate WK1225 (Base WK+MMDD) 


Websocket API


  • In the interests of latency, the private Order Channel subscription is now an asynchronous channel and therefore can potentially return order messages not in chronological order. 
  • Order ID is now returned in the success response/ack from the placeorder OP within the data dictionary.


{‘event’: ‘placeorder’, ‘submitted’: True, ‘tag’: ‘1’, ‘timestamp’: ‘1620661554603’, ‘data’: {‘clientOrderId’: ‘1’, ‘marketCode’: ‘BTC-USD-SWAP-LIN’, ‘side’: ‘BUY’, ‘orderType’: ‘LIMIT’, ‘quantity’: ‘0.001’, ‘timeInForce’: ‘GTC’, ‘price’: ‘1000.0’, ‘orderId’: ‘1000005242610’}}


  • For the modifyorder OP the orderID is now persisted and no longer changes when the queue placement of the order changes.