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Permissionless Listing Overview

October 06, 2022

What is Permissionless Listing?

Permissionless Listing is an easy tool used for token projects and investors, enabling them to list any token on CoinFLEX automatically and without intervention. 


This isn’t a novel idea in crypto, in-fact Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) already allow for permissionless listing by seeding a liquidity pool. However, centralized exchange listings tend to be costly, cumbersome, and slow.


Permissionless Listing aims to eliminate the highlighted challenges by allowing anyone to automatically list a token and benefit from a transparent process. 


Advantages of Permissionless Listing

  • No listing fees
  • Transparent listing process
  • Automatic perp listing
  • No token allocation required (no CEX dumping)
  • Increased liquidity via CoinFLEX’s AMM+
  • Access to up to 3x leverage 


Risk Management

Please find further details in the contract specification overview here.

Mechanics of Permissionless Perps

How is the USDC funding your AMM being deployed?

Pre-set range

  • The range is automatically set to a wide range (-97% to +400%)
  • Starting price is pulled from the DEX*

*If starting price = 100, range will be 3-500


Uniswap V2 model

  • Places a constant $USDC amount of liquidity at every 0.1% increment
  • Places bids below the starting price and offers above the starting price
  • Earns a 0.02% rebate on every trade and scalps 1 tick on every round trip trade


Leverage parameters

Your AMM is configured 1x on the downside and approximately 3.6x on the upper bound.


Permissionless Listing Use Cases


For Project Founders:

Active traders in your community want access to leverage while trading directionally; equip them with the opportunity to go long on your token with improved capital efficiency.

Your internal trading team looking to hedge existing token holdings in your corporate treasury.


For Market Makers looking to provide tighter spot or over-the-counter (OTC) liquidity for a token with a perpetual market to hedge in.