Partnership Announcement: NeuroStreet Trading Academy

CoinFLEX Education Partnership

We’re excited to announce CoinFLEX and NeuroStreet Trading Academy have partnered up to spread the word about crypto trading and yield-earning opportunities!


To celebrate this partnership, the NeuroStreet Trading Academy is offering all FLEXers free access to their “Ultimate Trading Bundle” for 60 days!

NeuroStreet Trading Academy has been going for over a decade and has helped thousands of traders over the years. Their mission is simple – “We Create Winning Traders”- and their courses are comprehensive, with 90+ hours of content covering everything from candlestick basics to risk management and planning.


 CLICK HERE to start your 60-day free trial and receive all of the following:

  • 40+ Cutting Edge Indicators & Add-ons
  • 90+ Hours of World Class Trading Education
  • Dozens of High Probability Trading Strategies
  • Access to Discord Community Chat Rooms
  • Resources, Workspaces, and Remote Install Support
  • Full trade plans on different Asset classes
    • Stocks & Options = 71 Trades | 85% winners
    • Futures = 18 Trades | 78% winners
    • Forex = 23 Trades | 91% winners
    • Crypto = 44 Trades | 75% winners

Their course and software are great for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and learning more about all things trading. Best of all, it’s free for all FLEXers for 60 days!

Learn more about all they have to offer hier and give it a go!

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