CoinFLEX Delisting SLP as Majority of Token Activity moves to SmartBCH and Other Networks

Dear FLEXers,

As the majority of our token activity is moving from SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) to SmartBCH and other networks, allowing for more efficient and full interest distribution (e.g. no 10 flexUSD minimum address balance requirement), CoinFLEX will be deprecating support for SLP completely.

All holders of CoinFLEX-issued SLP tokens are advised to convert their tokens to either SEP20 (SmartBCH) or ERC20 (Ethereum), or simply hold them in a chain-agnostic form on a CoinFLEX account. 

The simplest method to convert your SLP flexAssets is to deposit all your CoinFLEX-issued SLP tokens to your CoinFLEX account, where you can receive any associated interest interest to your CoinFLEX account balance or choose to withdraw to other platforms/wallets on either SmartBCH (SEP20) or Ethereum (ERC20).

If you are unsure over which network to choose, you may decide to hold the balance on CoinFLEX until further network support is added. Some of the networks on our roadmap for the upcoming months include Avalanche, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

As part of this strategy we are also delisting the SLP token GOC.

Please note that SLP withdrawals processing of CoinFLEX-issued tokens will be stopped on Thursday, 26 May 2022 at 12:00 PM UTC.

GOC deposits support will end on 14 June 2022 and withdrawals will stop on 28 June 2022. Please be sure to withdraw all your GOC prior to that date.

Deposits of CoinFLEX-issued tokens (flexAssets and Note Tokens) will remain available to facilitate the conversion from Bitcoin Cash SLP to alternative networks. We request that you use this functionality at your earliest convenience to move away from relying on SLP and ensure that you continue to receive interest.

CoinFLEX plans to fully and finally stop interest payouts to SLP flexAssets holders on Thursday, 10 November 2022. However, due to the technical difficulties the protocol is experiencing, we reserve the right to discontinue the interest issuance on SLP earlier, at a very short or no notice, if we deem the protocol impossible or unsafe to use.

Assets affected by deprecating support for SLP on CoinFLEX:


  1. SLP tokens conversion to other networks:


token SLP token id
FLEX fb1813fd1a53c1bed61f15c0479cc5315501e6da6a4d06da9d8122c1a4fabb6c
flexUSD dd21be4532d93661e8ffe16db6535af0fb8ee1344d1fef81a193e2b4cfa9fbc9
flexAXS 54d50e4496779e88b5e9317645cd5c182c8fbf3238c0d52516379f6ea2414d2b
flexBNB 730136783b0cb167727361cd3cbe47bfe3a327e2e91850948d1ca5e2ca8ce7de
flexBTC 78630e16ac2155f6953edeb033654c04665acb8a34eb2d11af9725f8e0f873d0
flexETH 5fba436097410a1d69d90a1188c341609647ebd2eeac0615e3d275e4b88e790b
flexFLEX fd63fbfaefe866908c30b36b224ed25da44b3f73ae06d23ce17d92d5da030bd4
noteUSD 7452c8fccc38a5d90a7c3ffceed741b6255a45bfaef227ceb994cedb13caf167
BlitzUSD acbbf00ef919aef24222afa49610b51ba9a6f3cffba10f52e2e032a8189cf3ab
EfrontierUSD cbec6de19e50a5de1e729ff3c3b16d520ea30b1b50840e56c8ad601397fb6c4b
FolkvangUSD 60aef2642f573f43530506bd3e691f97702b8a064c545337d01e68bb9df209f4
GrapefruitUSD 4d350d31048592d04f0aec6e2d95686bb0960348d103af4e572d4276fb33f132
KatlaUSD 8e0e0c9f5898beca5c6c8b81a34e01829c888f900662233d19d4da4607560611
MountainVUSD f1f2ead699ae0eb6db1c152b5efab6104a8ea77d42861bab88599f3876f80da3
NibbioUSD d494cc95e85d6b75b25d63f95b54a46940fc1affe4fee0f122b0490c46c3deac


  1. Delisting / discontinuing:


token SLP token id
GOC 3f83fa9f168f01d68933ef5fdb77143b2376ba7bf3a78175258861982d90d500


For further advice on transferring your SLP tokens to your CoinFLEX account, please see the following support article:

Please be sure to convert all your CoinFLEX-issued SLP tokens from all addresses as soon as possible. Do not forget about the FLEX you may hold with your Telegram FLEX Tipbot.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this update, and please contact us if you have any questions/concerns or need assistance in any way. 



The CoinFLEX Team

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