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What is FLEX?
CoinFLEX exchange and forms the foundation of the CoinFLEX ecosystem. Across all of our products, FLEX Coin provides all our users with exclusive benefits that makes trading on CoinFLEX much better.
What is FLEX’s Burn Model?
CoinFLEX have made some changes to the FLEX Coin Economics which we think are in the best interests for FLEX holders.
Our Burn Model
We burn 10% of our profits as well as 10% of our revenue, to ensure FLEX holders consistently see burns taking place.
This model works out much better for FLEX holders because with our previous model, we would burn 20% of profits. However, being a growing startup, often expenses outweighed the profits, so FLEX holders were seeing no burns.
Staking Rewards
On top of this, we are also taking an additional 10% of our profits and revenue and paying it to the FLEXDAO. These funds will be used as staking rewards, ensuring there are long term incentives for users of the DAO.
FLEX Burn ModelProfitsRevenues
Bought and Burned10%10%
Paid to FLEXDAO Stakers10%10%
Benefits of Holding FLEX
Lower Fees
Holding just $1,000 worth of FLEX will lower your trading fees by almost 10%.
Higher Referral Payouts
Holding FLEX allows you to earn up to 20% of the trading fees from everyone you refer – for life!
Earn FLEX by Staking FLEX
The FLEXDAO allows you to earn from CoinFLEX’s profits whilst you stake and HODL your FLEX in the FLEXDAO.
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