Trading Concepts
Trading Concepts

AMM+ Tutorial: Managing your position

Once you have set up an AMM+ position, and clicked “Begin AMM+” at the bottom of the “set up AMM+” tab on the AMM+ page, you can manage your open position by switching to the AMM Positions tab. To manage your open positions, use the following steps:

Step One: Review the details of your position

The “open” tab is the default tab, which you can use to manage and review your open positions. Each AMM+ position will have its own information card, including information such as the title of the AMM+ position, the date of entry, leverage, trading pair, and more. You can click the balance breakdown button below your APR to review information such as total account balance, initial balance, current balance, and more. You can click the more details button to view all the information on the trade history of your specific AMM+ position, your borrow and liquidation history, interest payment history, and more. If you want to add or withdraw collateral, proceed to step two.

Step Two: Add or withdraw collateral 

To add collateral or withdraw collateral, click the add collateral button to the left of the redemption button. This will open a pop up box, which will allow you to proceed.

Step Three: Input information

Select whether you want to add or withdraw crypto, the crypto asset you want to select, and the amount from your available balance. 

Step Four: Click confirm

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