1.1.14 Adding whitelist withdrawal addresses

‘Whitelisting’ your approved withdrawal addresses improves security as it stops funds from being withdrawn from your account to any account other than what is within your ‘whitelist’.

There are two ways to do this:

1: From within the ‘Wallet’ dropdown in the top right hand corner of the dashboard, select ‘Withdraw’ and then select ‘Address Management’, Turn on the Whitelist toggle in the top right hand corner of the screen and then add the address to whitelist. Select coins you want to be able to withdraw and give the Wallet a label (name), then input the withdrawal address, don’t forget to check the box of ”Add to Whitelist” before selecting ‘Submit’. Once you have submitted you will need to complete your 2-step verification as prompted. (Please see the screenshots below)

Or 2: The alternative method – you can use the ‘Security’ tab in the top left of the dashboard, the below screenshots show the steps to access Whitelist management once you have selected the ‘Security’ field.