Moonpay Integration for Easy Access to Crypto on CoinFLEX

In another integral step in CoinFLEX’s journey to becoming a dominant exchange, we have engaged in another collaboration to expand to products that are crucial in making user experience easier, simpler, and more enjoyable. CoinFLEX has now integrated fiat onboarding services for your in-house wallet, meaning you are able to purchase crypto with your credit/debit card on the exchange as an alternative option to depositing assets onto your wallet. Bank transfer is an available option for those in the UK and EU as well.

MoonPay is a FinTech company that has been facilitating payment infrastructure as a way to increase cryptocurrency adoption around the world since 2019. By doing so the company would enable millions of people to participate in the financial revolution to democratize finance, encourage financial independence, and improve overall accessibility to financial services.

Moonpay has integrated with a number of tier 1 crypto exchanges and popular hot wallets such as to provide simple and easy fiat-to-crypto transactions.


How to Buy Crypto on CoinFLEX Using Moonpay

Step 1: Register for a CoinFLEX Account with your email

Step 2:  Click “Buy Crypto” on the page header


Step 3: Choose what crypto you want to buy in the dropdown menu from the available options that both CoinFLEX and Moonpay support

Step 4 (optional): You can change the fiat currency you want to use to purchase your crypto on the setting page

Step 5: A base/counter switch will show either the amount of fiat you will spend or the amount of crypto you are purchasing depending on what option you choose. Pick the suitable one and insert the amount

Step 6: By clicking “Continue” you are agreeing with MoonPay’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and can proceed with the purchase

Step 7: Input your basic details and continue

Step 8: Input your billing address and continue

Step 9: Choose your payment method. You can choose either credit or debit card, including MasterCard, Visa and Maestro; Apple Pay; Google Pay. If you are from the UK or EU, you have the option to make a bank deposit.

Step 10: Check the transaction details and confirm

Before finalizing your purchase, please review and confirm that your order is correct, as your payment cannot be cancelled, recalled, or refunded. To enable the purchase, you are also required to click the box that states “I authorize MoonPay to debit my chosen payment method for the amount above on today’s date.”

Step 11: Wait for the payment to go through!


Just like that, you have purchased your first crypto on CoinFLEX, no different to purchasing clothes or food online!


Author: Adam Diaz

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