Day Trading

The Daily Dealings Of Trading Using CoinFLEX and Similar Sites Like It In The Crypto World

How Do I Create A CoinFLEX Account?

The first thing you do is visit the registration page. Create a user name and password. You will be directed to verify the information through your email. You can then deposit your funds and start doing your thing once you are verified in the system.

Using CoinFLEX as your Day Trading Platform

What you are doing is buying or selling futures assets (usually in the form of digital currency). The main goal is to take a view and put on a position. Keep an eye on it until you are ready to exit (with a profit target). Now, these choices are made fast. Some choices have to made within a few minutes or you get nothing.

Trading With CryptoCurrency (CoinFLEX)

There are the ones who watch (the spectators). They do just that until they find something that could turn a big profit. A great example of that is the Newshounds. They keep an eye on everything from news to hackers, and more.

Some work with internal analysis. They do not like to bow to public pressure. They concern themselves with the macroeconomic aspects of the crypto world. They get very involved in the technical details from bars and graphs to price points.

Getting Started

You need to first choose a home exchange. Pay attention to things like the fees, the structure, and the coins. It is better to choose a home base before you register. That way you know which direction you want to go.

You need a strategy. It does not matter what strategy you use, as long as you have something that works. Do you have the proper discipline to buy and sell in the crypto world? Are you willing to place one-percent or higher on a potential winner?

Day trading is a numbers game. The longer you stick with it, the more likely you will win.

You also have to consider your stop-loss limits. Do you have an exit strategy when things go south?

One final thing to mention involves bots. They are merely programming tools to help. Your picks will only be as good as the bot programming. Exercise caution here.

You can visit the official site of CoinFLEX to find out more information and some faqs at

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