Bitcoin Trading Competition

Bitcoin has become even more popular this year. This popularity is reaching into the hearts and minds of traders and gamers. Bitcoin trading competitions are popping up in various platforms to put a smile on the faces of those who like cryptocurrency. There are different ways to play while having success trading.

A bitcoin trading competition is as exciting as it sounds and is open to anyone interested in recreational trading.

The ups and downs of the bitcoin market make the trading experience very exhilarating and high pressure at the same time. Cryptocurrency traders use these ups and downs in the market to carve out profits. The 24 hour nature of the Bitcoin markets coupled with the inherent volatility makes the trading opportunity dynamic.

Trading competition is held when CoinFLEX or someone else “creates-a-competition” with prizes, rankings by trading activity or success. The rankings are a blend of volume and profit / ROI trading. It’s a nice balance and great test to see who the best traders are in a short-term window.

The bitcoin trading competition has a low entry barrier. On CoinFLEX, one typically only needs 0.01 BTC (equivalent to $70 usdt with today’s prices) to enter a trading contest. This will allow even a novice user to begin to learn how to trade in cryptocurrencies. Learning about trading strategies becomes a painless event because very little will be at risk.

Getting started in a bitcoin trading competition

Those who want to learn crypto trading strategies have choices. One of the first places to begin is by registering as a new user of a large exchange. They will often create their own trading competitions to increase their user base and generate buzz with these highly-engaging activities.

Different competitions have different rules

Competitions will have different durations. Some will run for 30 minutes or hours. Some will run for multiple days or longer. The competitions on CoinFLEX typically run for 30 minutes or 1 hour, though CoinFLEX is happy to experiment with all types of durations in their competitions to mix things up. Usually the scoring ranking will be based on who has excelled in both trading large volumes and profitably. The winners will receive a predetermined prize, usually in USDT or in another cryptocurrency.

Verification is not always required to take part

Winning a competition can award a sizable prize and the great feeling of being at the very top when every player is trying their best. This is a priceless feeling.

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